NiceGoblins 4 Year Anniversary Party

Event Date:
September 17, 2022

Hello Goblins!! Our 4 year anniversary party is here!!!

Thank you everyone who has supported us so far! We are eternally grateful to you all!!

To celebrate 4 years of being NiceGoblins, we're putting on another one of our signature parties!

We've got a sick lineup of hot artists ready for ya'll to enjoy,

honestly we are so excited to bring this event to ya'll!!


Luckyboy^ (@votelucky) (DJ)

Leilani (@helen.pahuluhoop) (Jazz band)

Treenurse (@treenurse_music) (Rock band)

Randa (@randa_loves_wrestling) (Rapper)

Sharon_from_payroll (@sharon_from_payroll) (DJ)


Fire dancing by @youngmish & @liquidsliick

Visual Arts:

Aliyasen Muhsin (@aliyasennn)

Lily Cleary (@goodbye__horsey)

Siobhan Lucia (@siobhan__lucia)

Aimee Barlett (@big.squishh)

Paige Nebbeling (@paigenebbelingart)



7-9pm: Luckyboy^ (DJ)

9:00pm: Leilani (Jazz band)

9:40pm: Youngmish & Liquidsliick (Fire Dancing Performance)

10:10pm: Treenurse (Rock Band)

10:50pm: Randa (Rapper)

11:30pm-1:30am: Sharon_from_payroll (DJ)


The event is:

$10 Entry


Sponsored by: Auckland City of Music

Event photos to be updated