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151 Anathema & Food Scrap

September 21, 2023


"It'll be a goodie... Like a car through the door." - Bassist and Anathema alumnus Hank Trenton.

Anathema will be performing original compositions from drummer Maximilian Crook and pianist Connor McAneny, alongside pieces from their stylistic inspirations McCoy Tyner and John Coltrane.

From an adoring fan at the band's debut performance -

"That was exactly the kind of music I was hoping NOT to hear." Come and find out why.'

Felix Hayes-Tourelle - Saxophones

Connor McAneny - Piano

Tom Dennison - Double Bass

Maximilian Crook - Drums & Cymbals

'Food Scraps'

A fresh quartet of young jazz destroyers, Food Scraps is a project featuring Will Ralph, Andrew Choi, Alex Keatley, and Marvin Yuen (a.k.a. Green-haired Gremlin on the Grums). This project sees them creating fine dining from old scraps. WATCH FOOD SCRAPS! JAZZ GIG QUARTET FOOD SCRAPS, BOOM!'

Will Ralph - Tenor Saxophone

Andrew Choi - Guitar

Alex Keatley - Bass

Marvin Yuen - Drums & Cymbals

  •  Location - 220A Dominion Road
  •  Date - Thurs 21st Sept
  •  Doors - 7:30pm
  •  First Set - 8pm
  •  $10/$20 Entry

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