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How this works
NiceGoblins Tattooists, on top of having their own tattoo flashes, also do collaborations with local illustrators. The illustrators draw up tattoo flashes for us, and the tattooists at NiceGoblins HQ put them on people's skin.
The tattoo studio 'NiceGoblins HQ' will then split a percentage of the profit with the illustrators. This is to thank the illustrators for their amazing drawings, and at the same time, creates a working relationship between the illustrator and the tattooists. Our goal with this practise is to diversify tattooing styles across the industry, as well as diversifying the tattooing community by bringing in different perspectives and artwork. Our long term goal is to make this practice a sustainable career choice for both the illustrators involved and the tattooists themselves.
(Important note: the illustrators below are not tattooists, their drawings will be tattooed by a professional tattooist working at 'NiceGoblins HQ'. So rest assured you will be safe.)