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151 Blue Tiger and Lolly Scramble

April 13, 2023

Double 151! 2 bands 'Blue Tigers & Lolly Scramble' led by Callum Passel

'Blue Tiger'

New improvised music for our saxophone and rhythm section, the writer Jorge Luis Borge's stories often centre around impossible objects; items with which human interactions become confusing, opaque abd probabilistic. These new compositions by saxophonist Callum Passells see musical instruments as impossible objects - within them, avenues of sound and improvisation expand and contract, and structures are quickly built before disappearing. This new music takes cues from musicians like Anthony Braxton, Tyshawn Sorey, Phil Dadson and Charles Mungus, composers who revel equally in chaos and community effort.

'Blue Tigers'

Callum Passells - Drums & Cymbals

Bethany Britten - Bass

Charlotte Barrand - Alto Saxophone

Will Ralph - Alto Saxophone

Francesca Parussini - Tenor Saxophone

J.Y Lee - Baritone Saxophone

'Lolly Scramble'

"Tristan, Michael and Callum played their first gig together ten years ago. Over that decade they have built a unique language and connection, and have finally come up with a name for the band. As Lolly Scramble suggests, anything is up for grabs with this trio. TV theme songs, deconstructed standards, original melodies, open improvisation - all delicious sweets to be eagerly plucked and devoured. They return to 151 for the first time since 2016, to sling their magic around the room.

'Lolly Scramble'

Callum Passells - Saxophone

Michael Howell - Guitar

Tristan Deck - Drums & Cymbals

  • Location - 220A Dominion Road
  • Doors - 7:30pm
  • Blue Tigers / Lolly Scramble - 8pm
  • Third Set - 151 IMPROV Jams
  • $10/$20

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