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151 Callum Passells Quartet

June 23, 2022

Callum Passells - 'Provincial Spirit' Quartet

"The year is 2014. Callum Passells assembles a crack team of improvisers to perform new compositions in Tāmaki Makaurau. They book a single gig to test out the music. The show is a massive success - rave reviews, audience members speaking in tongues, a letter from the Prime Minister. Plans are hatched to capitalise on the tidal wave of momentum.
The year is 2022. Callum finally gets around to booking a second gig. He is very excited, and you should be too - at this rate it will be another eight years before you see this band again.
The 'two horn' frontline showcases the chameleonic talents of vocalist Chelsea Prastiti, while bassist Cameron McArthur and drummer Adam Tobeck weave dense thickets of rhythm. The band ricochets from brooding and dramatic, to bratty and playful, to sweet and rhapsodic. New songs, old songs, and folk songs are all on the menu. Don't miss it!"

'Callum Passells 'Provincial Spirit' Quartet'
Callum Passells - Saxophone
Chelsea Prastiti - Vocals
Cameron McArthur - Bass
Adam Tobeck - Drums & Cymbals

- Location - 220A Dominion Road
- Doors - 7:30pm
- Callum Passells 'Provincial Spirit' Quartet - 8pm
- Second Set - Provincial Jams

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