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151 ( Genevieve Davidson, Sean M.B., HASJI )

July 27, 2023

-Genevieve Davidson 'Mask Work' -

"Can I really say this creature is not part of me? I derived him from my own nature but my personality has been driven from the body and is subjected to the will of the mask. A spirit takes possession; it is a trancelike state. As adults we have learnt to express deadness, subjected to pressures, we are opaque and live among hard surfaces that reflect sound back at us. We conceal and check impulses. Masks are impulsive and transparent; obscene and dangerous; an oracle, a clown, an executioner."

- Sean M.B. 'Guitar Solo'

"Sean Martin-Buss explores the electric guitar through extended techniques, shred language, and an experimental approach to rhythm and tonality in a rare fully improvised solo performance


"Hasji (@hasjijsah) makes Urban Gorge - attempting to speak to the base rhythms and peace that are tucked away in the overstimulated structures of city lifestyles.

Through this Hasji aims to promote sonic rongoã, cultivated thru an awareness of the relationship between ecological urgency and urban anxiety, and a continued kinship with our maunga of many forms"

  •  Location - 220A Dominion Road
  •  Date - Thurs 27th July
  •  Doors - 7:30pm
  •  First Set - 8pm
  •  $10/$20 Entry

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