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151 Improv - Komanawa Duo


Thurs 24th Nov!

Crystal Choi (Phoebe Rings) and Michael Howell (Grg67, Skilaa) will be presenting their project ‘Kōmanawa Duo’!

Poster by Crystal Choi

🖼“The project, comprised of piano and guitar, features original material that moves between flowing textures and serendipitous interplay. The name Kōmanawa (translates to ‘water spring, or to spring up’) is an appreciation of the beautiful waterscape that we surround ourselves in Aotearoa, and how inspirational it is in the group’s music”

'Kōmanawa Duo'

Crystal Choi - Piano

Michael Howell - Guitar

Location - 220A Dominion Road

Doors - 7:30pm

Kōmanawa - 8pm

Second Set - Kōmanawa Jams

$10/$20 ENTRY

Event Photos

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