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151 Pan Moana Group

May 4, 2022

"Pan Moana Group consists of eight sonic voyagers from various points of origin across the Moana spanning different timelines, finding rooting in this lifetime in Aotearoa and expressing from the creative soul present here. Pan Moana Group performance reflects from the timeless/infinite qualities of Pūoro, indigenous thought and native expression and allows free flowing dialogue to emerge from our established relational spaces while engaging with contemporary tools of expression and awareness of their respective whakapapa in relation to our own journeys of sonic exploration."

'Pan Moana Group'
Larsen Winiata Tito-Taylor - alto saxophone, tāonga pūoro, electronics
Riki Gooch - Drums & Cymbals
Navākatoa Tekela-Pule - synthesisers, percussion
Seb Soto - trutuka, alto saxophone, misc. instruments
Abigail Aroha Jensen - tāonga pūoro, percussion
Samara Alofa - violin, vocals, misc. instruments
Janina Nana Yaa - vocals, misc. instruments
Eamon Edmundson-Wells - Double Bass

- Location - 220A Dominion Road
- Doors - 7:30pm
- Pan Moana Group - 8pm
- Second Set - 151 Moana Jams

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