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151 Pool Sharks (Joe Kaptain)

August 17, 2023

"Pool Sharks return for a new season of psyched-out jazz-rock exploring fresh music from bandleader Joe Kaptein, venturing through some heavy double-guitar freakouts, wah'd-out swamp-funk grooves, and dreamy cinematic soundscapes, with the odd obscure 60s soul cover thrown in for good measure also."

Joe Kaptein - Keyboards, Synthesisers, Electric Guitar Andrew Isdale - Saxophones, Electric Guitar Wil Goodinson - Electric Bass Ben Frater - Percussion

David Harris - Drums and Cymbals

  • Location - 220A Dominion Road
  •  Date - Thurs 17th Aug
  •  Doors - 7:30pm
  •  Pool Sharks - 8pm
  •  Second Set - 151 IMPROV Jams
  •  $10/$20 Entry

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