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151 Solo Series : Salvador Brown, J.Y Lee, The Modular Tuba

September 7, 2023

- Salvādor Brown -

"Salvador Brown is a Aotearoa born Samoan/Tuvaluan, Gaelic, Norsemen. He is a child of the Pacific Sisters and the hier apparent to the SavÄge K'lub. Using his practice of ngã Tonga Püoro Māori he is reconnecting to the sonic practices of Te-Moana-nui-a-Kiwa to create works that reimagine the sounds of the past in to the present that are truly Moana."

- The Modular Tuba -

"The Modular Tuba is a new installation made by Sean Martin-Buss and Eamon Edmundson-Wells. This hydra instrument is rearing it's many heads again to sing songs for the nice goblins of Dominion Rd. Constructed from garden hose and brass instruments, the Modular Tuba blends and twists its many airstreams, all the while celebrating their disintegration."

- Jong-Yun J.Y Lee -

"Jong-Yun J.Y Lee is a saxophonist/flautist based in Tâmaki Makaurau/Auckland and founder/organiser of improvised music/performance event 151 IMPROV.

He will be exploring textures, soundscapes, and drones with solo alto saxophone + effects."

  •  Location - 220A Dominion Road
  •  Date - Thurs 7th Sept
  •  Doors - 7:30pm
  •  First Set - 8pm
  •  $10/$20 Entry

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