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151 Space Junk

November 2, 2023

With the return of 151 IMPROV unfortunately comes the unforseen return of COVID once again!
Due to the old 'rona "Cory Champion, Rāhana Tito-Taylor, Parks" are unfortunately unable to perform tomorrow...
But fortunately the amazing new band 'Space Junk' have agreed to fill in for tomorrows gig!!
If you ended up not catching their debut gig at CJC tonight/or want to catch them a second time then this is your chance! SPACE JUNK!

Space Junk
"Local bass player and self described jazz maverick Joshua Worthington-Church returns to CJC after many years away, colluding with pop musicians (Princess Chelsea, Jonathan Bree) and forming illicit underground orchestras (Exploding Rainbow Orchestra). But he's put that aside for a moment to step back into the world of "Jazz".
Space Junk is a new musical vehicle that surrenders to the inescapable genre trappings of space music completely, allowing Josh to dig through scraps of his old tunes to modify and repurpose them, as well as to do what he does best: assemble a killer group of joyful collaborators.
Expect lots of delay and reverb, bombastic crescendos, and a healthy dose of free exploration. As Sean Martin-Buss once put it, "It's like Pink Floyd but with better chords"
Or something like that."

Charlotte Barrand - Saxophone
Alex Freer - Drums
Joe Kaptein - Keys
Rachel Clarke - Vocals
Ruby Walsh - Percussion
Joshua Worthington-Church - Bass

- Location - 220A Dominion Road
- Date - Thurs 2nd Nov
- Doors - 7:30pm
- First Set - 8pm
- $10/$20

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