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Exploding Rainbow Quintet

May 6, 2021

Sometimes, a band will describe their sound as “like the memory of water rippling backwards through a glade of regret” so they don’t have to say they just really like Nick Drake. Sometimes, a band does exactly what it says on the tin. Exploding Rainbow is both a descriptor and a mission statement. Even if you’ve never seen a rainbow explode, whatever you imagine it to be is probably exactly right.

'Exploding Rainbow Quintet'

Michael Gianan - Guitar
David Harris - Drums
Callum Passells - Saxophone
Elizabeth Stokes - Trumpet
Joshua Worthington-Church - Bass Guitar

- Location - 220A Dominion Road
- Doors - 7pm
- Exploding Rainbow Quintet - 8pm
- Second Set - 151 Rainbow Jams
- $10

Event Photos

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