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Roger Manins (GRG67) - (151 Improv Jazz)

May 7, 2021

"GRG67 is Roger Manins (Saxophone), Mostyn Cole (Bass), Tristan Deck (Drums) and Michael Howell (Guitar). They have been rehearsing together for a good 6 years or so. However, they are still rough. Rough – but good.
There is a real joy in their music, virtuosity when needed, quirky tunes, great musical communication and lots of energy. You will be interested because they are interested.
GRG67's first album The Thing won the TUI award for best NZ Jazz Album 2019."

Roger Manins - Saxophone
Michael Howell - Guitar
Mostyn Cole - Bass
Tristan Deck - Drums

- Location - 220A Dominion Road
- Doors - 7pm
- Grg67 - 8pm
- Second Set - 151 Crab Jams
- $10

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