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NiceGoblins HQ opening party!!

August 8, 2020

Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming support over the past two years!! NiceGoblins Collective is finally opening their own shop, and we would love for you all to be there to celebrate with us!!

Our motto is to support local independent artists, so you know you'll we'll be having a sick lineup ready for you guys to enjoy!!

Our exhibition/gig will be featuring talented artists from all over Auckland, such as

Music from:

Gufitheboy (aka Evan)
Elena Siljic
DJY (JY-Lee)
Citacsy + Aionoa (Tash + Noa collab)
Wormfarm (aka Seamus)
-and performance from Delilah Lin

Paintings from:

Dominic Spary
Kaixi Yang
Serval Fadango
Rayna Widger
Aimee Bartlett

Tattoo flashes from:

Yi Cheng
Seoyeon Choi
Weimin Li

Ceramics/sculptures from:

grubbynoodles (aka North Madison)
Holly M Tait

Come check out our first event for art, music and free drinks at NiceGoblins HQ and we'll make sure you have a good Saturday night that you'll definitely remember!!

For all those people who have gotten tattoos with us in the past, now is a great time to meet Holly, Delilah, Noa and Ningyi!

Our address is 220a Dominion Road, Mt Eden, or search up NiceGoblins HQ on Google maps and it'll take you to the right place!

Tickets $10 at door

Event Photos

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