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NiceGoblins X Showoff Exhibition/Gig

May 11, 2024

NiceGoblins is here to bring you yet another a sick party featuring young local artists, bands and DJs, but this time, we're teaming up with @___SHOWOFF_!!!!

Come celebrate NiceGobilns reaching 5k followers, our 5 year birthday (which we were meant to do last july), releasing a new website (May 11th), and new tattoo artists joining the team!
Come celebrate the birth of 'SHOWOFF', a new local name aimed at helping artists find a platform to express their utmost creative and free selves!

If you've been to our parties before you know it gets crazy and packed!! So bring your drinks, bring your friends, and come hang out with us!!

We have an art exhibition from 7-9 featuring some of the coolest up and coming new talent (while the dj spins the decks), followed up by singers, live bands, and djs to send you off on a good night!

Our events are all BYO so you can be sure that you can still have fun and feast on the arts, even in this economy!!!!


Artist lineup:

Visual Artists:

Anthony Zemke- @majorzemke
HURSE- @space.vox
DDL- @ddl__universe
Marcus Evans- @mr_bumbl
Airi Kawana- @veryserious.yes
Paige Dyer- @poppyjopaige
Lulu Qiu- @lulu_pdf




7-9pm: (DJ) @jxrdan_stokes_

9:10-9:30: (Acoustic) @thisisbrody

9:30-10:00: (Indie Jazz Rock)

10:00-10:30: (Power Pop Punk) @pocket__money__

10:30-11:00: (Saxophone Quartet and Drums) @thesaxobros

11:00pm-1:00am: (DJ) @tango_djs


$20 Entry
Bring your own drinks!

Event Photos

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