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About our NiceGoblins
Tattoo Artist X Illustrator Collaborations

One of the unique things about NiceGoblins Tattoos is that we also take flash submissions from young local illustrators and artists.

Sometimes the artists come to us and sometimes we go to them, and together we collaborate on a tattoo flash sheet to go on our website and the flash wall at our Auckland-based tattoo shop.

Whenever someone gets one of the collab flashes tattooed, we pay a percentage of the total cost of the tattoo to the illustrator. This way, we get to try out different types of tattoo styles, meet new artists, and also support the work of young creatives all at the same time.

The illustrators in turn get to have their work seen by more people, get paid for their drawings, and get to see their art on people without having to go through a tattoo apprenticeship!

Each tattoo flash from our collabs are tattooed one time only, which means that any client who gets one can be positive that they have something truly unique.

It really is a win win for everyone involved!
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